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Saving Bonus

In addition to Cryptoback™ rewards, the Wirex X-tras programme also pays users a bonus on their WXT balance. This means that those who wish to HODL WXT can enjoy a monthly Savings Bonus payment on top of any price gains. The Savings Bonus pays up to 16% AER, based on users’ monthly WXT holdings. The bonus percentage is dictated by users’ membership plans. The bonus is paid in WXT and added to the user’s overall balance, which continues to earn up to 16% AER.
Users who open an X-Account and choose to receive their interest in WXT will see their WXT balance grow each week as interest payments are made. These automatic deposits will also be eligible for the monthly Savings Bonus, which means that the user earns interest on interest as part of the connection between X-Accounts and X-tras/WXT.