Wirex has three membership plans, Standard, Premium and Elite. Each plan was designed with different customer needs in mind.
The Standard plan is entry-level membership and allows new and casual users to enjoy Wirex products and services with no monthly charge. Standard account holders receive Cryptoback™ rewards, earn a monthly Savings Bonus and are able to open X-Accounts with standard interest rates. The standard plan will also provide users with access to $500 digital asset insurance.
The Premium plan is the next level of membership that provides crypto-enthusiasts with the opportunity to use all Wirex’s preferential products and services for a monthly fee. This membership plan provides enhanced Cryptoback™ rewards and WXT Savings Bonuses and is designed to give maximum return to users who use Wirex more regularly. If a Premium user locks WXT for 180 days as part of their membership plan, they will unlock even greater Cryptoback™ rewards and Savings Bonus benefits as well as preferential rates on X-Accounts.
The Elite plan is our ultimate membership plan, designed for a hardcore crypto audience who use Wirex every day for their digital exchanges and card transactions. Elite members receive the highest Cryptoback™ rewards and Savings Bonus to reflect their monthly commitment. Those who lock WXT for 180 days will also unlock the highest levels of rewards and X-Accounts rates, with interest on Elite plan X-Accounts paying up to 20% AER.