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Multicurrency debit card

Since launching the world’s first crypto-enabled debit card, Wirex has continued to innovate its debit card offering. In 2020, Wirex became the only crypto-friendly company in the world to be awarded Principal Membership of both the Visa and Mastercard programmes. Wirex offers a multicurrency Mastercard in the UK and EEA region, and a Visa debit card in Asia Pacific and the USA. Card holders can seamlessly spend their fiat and digital currencies using one card. Connectable with PayPal (depending on region), the Wirex card offers multiple spending and travel benefits, including over-the-counter (OTC) exchange rates.
The Wirex card is a key part of the Wirex rewards programme, X-Tras, as users earn Cryptoback™ rewards on their card spending. The percentage of Cryptoback™ rewards earned per purchase is linked to the level of X-Tras benefits the user chooses to sign up to. In partnership with Snowdrops, the card is also supported by the merchant reconciliation service (MRS) and Google maps, another way to provide familiar mainstream features to our users.