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Multicurrency crypto and fiat wallet

Focused on simplifying digital and fiat transactions, Wirex supports over 50 fiat and digital currencies in-app and on the web platform. Pay-in and pay-out options exist for both fiat and crypto currencies, including credit / debit card and bank transfers, with open banking connections coming soon. Wirex strives to be at the forefront of banking innovations, CeFi or DeFi, and regularly updates its app to reflect the latest payment and currency transfer methods. SM2C, or ‘send-money-to-contacts', allows users to easily transfer to other Wirexers within its ecosystem.
The Wirex app is custodial. Fiat accounts are safeguarded in line with regulatory requirements set by local regulators (e.g., the FCA in the UK). Cryptocurrencies are secured via partnerships with organisations like Fireblocks, a market leader in digital asset securitisation. This mitigates risk and encourages the platform’s 4 million registered customers to both HODL and actively manage their investments via the app.