Building the metaverse for the next 1bn users
The idea of the metaverse first emerged in sci-fi in the early 1990s. It has since become an evocative buzzword used by many but understood by few. While a degree of ambiguity remains about exactly what the metaverse is (it’s often conflated with the emergence of ‘Web 3.0’), there is growing acceptance it is an inevitable development. As a result, a huge opportunity exists for forward-thinking companies to shape and define what exactly the metaverse consists of.
The vision of Wirex is not to simply ride the coattails of these developments, but to actively influence them with decentralised products and services that are fully equipped for optimum scalability within a Web 3.0 landscape. Wirex aims to “build upon the shoulders of giants”. That means actively learning from early blockchain and decentralised finance innovations to create multiple bridges between an ever-changing metaverse landscape and the physical (and political) reality of nation states, governance, regulation, technological change and consumer needs. While many advocate Web 3.0 and the metaverse at the expense of established and conventional financial institutions and infrastructure, Wirex sees a world where the two systems are gradually merged and mutually co-opted. Our goal is to lead this merger of systems with solutions that appeal to the widest global audience possible.
Last modified 5mo ago